The relaunch of WDRE not only has great alternative music from the 1970’s through today, it has the original elements that make it sound as it did in the early to mid 90’s along with a modern twist. This is not only about the music, it’s about the experience. No need to put the aluminum foil on your antenna to receive the station, you have the crystal clear sound of streaming! If you’re in the car, bluetooth your device to the radio and poof! You’ve got WDRE in your car or wherever you listen! Just click LISTEN NOW.


This site is dedicated to the fans of the legendary WDRE-FM that touched so many lives in the tri-state area from 1987-1996. This will be a community of people who enjoy the music and share their experiences with WDRE and how it influenced your life.


The website will be going through constant changes with added content all of the time. Please check back frequently to see what’s new. For any comments and suggestions, please email us using the contact form. If you enjoy what you hear, we would kindly ask for a donation. Streaming is expensive and we want to keep this going for a long time! Thank you in advance!


If you are a former WDRE employee that we weren’t able to find and would like to contribute audio or pics, please use the contact form. We’re looking for anything and everything!   …more to come soon